Flying for life!

Every five minutes, an MAF aircraft either takes off or lands somewhere in the world. And as a result, people in isolated communities across the world finally have access to healthcare, education, community development, disaster relief and the good news of hope and love.


MAF is a global organization that is on a mission to share God’s love through aviation and technology so that people have access to help and hope.


To see isolated people changed by the love of Christ


Anton, a pilot with MAF in Arnhem Land, Australia, flew his first medical evacuation (medevac) a few days ago!

"I was sitting in my office when Carly from the operations office came in and told me that she had booked me for a medevac flight. The patient was waiting for me in the homeland of Wandawuy. I quickly got the aircraft ready and flew out..."


People have always been the strength of MAF. Being used to transform lives beyond all barriers is indeed exciting. Enquire today.

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