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On a Mission to Change the Ending

Abdiel David has served with MAF as the Asia Development Executive for the last six years. We sat down with Abdiel this week and asked him a few questions about his time with MAF, what it’s like to serve and the joys of working in a cross-cultural setting.

Abdiel joined the MAF family in 2015. He and his wife moved to Cairns, Australia from Chennai, India. Excited by the prospect of playing a part in developing MAF’s resourcing in Asia, Abdiel felt the role was perfect for him as it combined many of his passions. From his love for aviation and his experience in flight training to his graphic design and marketing skills, love for people and extroverted personality, he realised that God had prepared him and gave him these skills and experiences to help people in isolated communities through the ministry of MAF.

Having lived in remote communities as a child, Abdiel knows the difference that access can bring to those who have limited access. There are so many people in the world that do not have physical access to many basic needs, and aviation is a lifeline for many. It allows for hope - hope for medical treatment, hope for financial sustainability, hope for education, hope to pursue dreams and hope for tomorrow.

In his role Abdiel gets to meet people from many different backgrounds, people who are united in their desire to care for people living in remote communities around the world. He gets to tell people about the work of MAF, create a base for support and recruitment and increase prayer support for the ministry of MAF. The most exciting part is meeting new people, sharing about the work of MAF and being a part of MAF’s mission to serve together to bring help, hope and healing through aviation to people in isolated communities.

Because he is based in MAF’s Support Office in Cairns, it can sometimes be hard to see the impact of the work he does on people in remote communities. He has a picture on his desk at work, constantly reminding him to Change the Ending for isolated people around the world – motivating him to seek wisdom and make choices and decisions that benefit the people isolated due to various reasons around the world.

Abdiel is hoping that he can work himself out of his job soon. This means that he hopes to train and put together a team that can carry on the work in Asia.

“Working with MAF is my calling and what I’ve been prepared for. This is what makes it such a rewarding place to work in!”

"God has prepared Abdiel for a key part in MAF's mission - engaging others across Asia to become volunteers or serve full-time, praying, sharing and serving so that unreached people are reached”, says Bill Harding, MAF’s International Development Director.

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