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Reliable Power Plays a Huge Role

Photos by Brian Baimako and Lukas Schadegg

The EBC Health Services at Waramanz in the Jimi District (Jiwaka Province) of Papua New Guinea (PNG) was in dire need for reliable solar power. Although the health facility is well established and well equipped, the absence of reliable power to give light made attending to patients during night emergencies very difficult and stressful for the community health workers. Lack of power also created the inability to run life-saving oxygen concentrators. Keeping vaccines cool in their vaccine fridge also became another challenge of its own.

The health workers at the health facility tried to provide the best health service possible for their patients but the lack of reliable electricity took a toll on the community health workers, discouraging them because they could not fully provide proper services for their patients. Eventually, the number of the health workers reduced from 4 to 1. The single remaining health worker ran the facility and attended to a large number of patients within the scattered community of Waramanz.

This major concern of the Waramanz community was brought to the attention of the Parliament Member for Jimi District Hon. Mr. Wake Goi who sponsored the solar installation project for the Waramanz EBC Health Services.

Early in the month of August the MAF Technologies team successfully installed a new solar power system for the EBC Health Services. Once installed, the health centre was lit up very well. The power system was hooked up to the internet for remote monitoring where MAF Technologies can monitor the system.

“After witnessing the need for solar power, we were truly blessed that we could be a part of a positive change that will benefit the community of Waramanz,” said MAF Technologies Technician, Brian Baimako.

The new solar system for the EBC Health Service at Waramanz provides sufficient power for lighting and powering life-saving equipment. This also means that the clinic staff can now attend to emergencies and carry out their duties 24/7 more effectively while using the equipment and tools needed to assist and help their patients. The community also hopes that the new power system will attract more health workers to work there so that more lives can be helped and saved.

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