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Charlotte Chan 

Charlotte found an interest in aviation during her undergraduate studies in industrial engineering. From then on, she undertook projects from ergonomic design of aircraft equipment to interviewing passengers onboard and in the airport lounge in Kai Tak while completing her first degree. She then pursued a postgraduate study in air transport management in the UK. During that year, she became a follower of Christ, got baptised in Milton Keynes Chinese Church and heard Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) sharing at a campus gathering.

In 2020, Charlotte is taking with her more than 25 years of experience in airlines planning, aircraft maintenance and airport management to join MAF.

Before joining MAF, Charlotte was active in marketplace ministries and did translation for different groups, visited the outcasts (Matt 25: 40) and surrogated a child. She also organized Airport Common Prayer (with Taizé songs) in her workplace as Christian witness to reconciliation and solidarity.

Charlotte is excited about joining MAF - as a fellowship to serve isolated people through aviation and technology by the Love of God. She is grateful to the clouds of witnesses who have been encouraging her with affirmation and support in this faith journey (Heb 12:1). Her motto “our being will lead to our doing”.

Charlotte’s first posting with MAF will be in South Sudan as Deputy Country Director and she is raising support to depart.

Charlotte is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong, Cranfield College of Aeronautics, China Graduate School of Theology and a member of Royal Aeronautical Society.


Her home church in Hong Kong is St. Andrew’s at Tsim Sha Tsui.

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